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Particle Zoo - On trail of Higgs, quarks, and photons. Special Exhibition at im Universum Bremen

Exhibition at Universum® Bremen

What is the world made of?

For thousands of years, people have been asking themselves: what building blocks is the world made of? The exhibition “Particle Zoo” presents the answers of modern particle physics and goes on the trail of Higgs, quarks and photons.

Which particle fits you best?

In particle physics, there are lightweights, stage hogs and chatterboxes. Our “Particl-o-matic” shows which particle fits you best!

Open Particl-o-matic

We are seeking answers and finding questions

Even if particle physics in the last 150 years has found incredible answers, many exciting questions remain: Why are there so many elementary particles? Are there any others? Can our current worldview even be correct? The “Particle Zoo” shows how researchers at DESY look ever more deeply into matter and the cosmos. Come along on the journey!